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After 10 years in the home inspection industry, Stephen Kelk the owner of Kelk Home Inspections has become a local HouseSigma REALTOR® in the Caledon area and has taken his renovation and inspection skill set to the world of real estate.

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Stephen has retired from the home inspection profession and entered the real estate industry joining HouseSigma Inc., Brokerage. He brings with him a wide variety of experience and expertise in the housing industry. Operating a home inspection company for 10 years and doing major home renovations since 2006. Stephen was in the perfect position to become a REALTOR® and use his vast knowledge to better serve his clients. Whether it’s selling a property or finding the perfect home, Stephen always aims to guide buyers and sellers in their most important decision and achieve their real estate goals. With his solid background in renovations and inspections he truly is a REALTOR® with a unique advantage.

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Home Inspection Information.

The Kelk Inspections Network

Purchasing a home in Orangeville or the area can be stressful, as buying a home is likely to be the largest expenditure you will make. Arranging for a Buyer Pre-Purchase Inspection from a friendly, certified home inspector with a background in not only home inspections, but home building or renovation experience is the intelligent thing to do.

The Kelk Inspections Network can offer you various home inspector options from qualified professionals to help provide a little peace of mind when making real estate purchases. An experienced home inspector in Orangeville will specialize in defect recognition as well as safety concerns. An Inspection helps to reduce the risk of costly surprises, your home inspector should inspect your new home as well as educate you on the various systems and home maintenance. By the end of your home inspection you should have the information and tools needed to make an informed real estate decision.

It is becoming more common for Orangeville and area sellers to arrange for a pre-listing or a selling home inspection as a part of their marketing strategy; among other things such as; the right real estate agent, professional photographs, de-cluttering, home staging, virtual tours, overall cleanliness and marketing.

A qualified home inspector will complete an objective examination of your home, informing you of any visible issues, ideally before a potential buyer finds them. This way necessary repairs can be completed and/or competitive estimates can be gathered before the house is shown to a potential buyer. With this strategy you may be able to show a buyer a house with less defects, reasonable repair quotes, or with an overall clean bill of health.  Therefore reducing the time on the market and helping to eliminate back and forth negotiations based upon buyer inspection findings.

The Kelk Inspections Network can offer you various home inspector options from qualified professionals to help provide a little more peace of mind when selling your home.

Having your new home built was a long process and it has finally ended, you are about to or have just moved into your wonderful finished home, but you want to make sure that the home is up to standard, and that any building deficiencies or safety concerns will be corrected.

If your house has a home warranty, generally any issues covered under that warranty can be fixed by your builder.  It is important to resolved issues before they turn into larger problems down the road.

The Kelk Inspections Network can offer you various home inspector options from qualified professionals to help provide a little peace of mind after moving into your new home.

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer, a WETT inspection is an inspection of a wood burning appliances such as a wood stove, wood insert or a wood masonry fireplace by a certified WETT inspector.  A WETT inspection can give you the peace of mind you need when buying or selling a home, living in a home and may also be a requirement when securing or renewing house insurance.

When your home has a wood burning appliance, the potential for harmful pollutants to be released into your home as well as combustible materials to ignite is increased.  It is very important that these wood burning appliances are regularly inspected and properly maintained.  A WETT inspection may also be required as a part of the home insuring process. If purchasing home that includes any of these wood-burning appliances, a WETT inspection may be a necessity and if not should be seriously considered.

A WETT inspection is an inspection that must be conducted by an inspector who is WETT certified. It includes an inspection of the visible readily accessible elements of a wood burning appliance, to insure that it has been installed correctly and in compliance to current building codes and regulations.

The Kelk Inspections Network can offer you various WETT inspector options from qualified professionals.  The bottom lines is that a WETT inspection is more than just something to offer you peace of mind.  If wood-burning appliances are a part of your home’s features, it is of paramount importance that these appliances are both installed properly and inspected for your safety.

Rural properties generally have both septic systems and water wells that service the home.  These are specialty systems that are recommended to be inspected before the purchase of a home. Even if you are not buying or selling your home septic or well inspections are an important part of your homes’ maintenance strategy.

The Kelk Inspections Network can offer you various septic system and water well inspector options from qualified professionals to help provide a little more peace of mind when selling your home.

Are you concerned about the potential of asbestos in building products or the insulation of your Orangeville home?  If you are planning on doing renovations, have damaged materials or plan on disturbing building materials within your house that was build prior to 1980 or even years of that, it is a good idea to have those materials tested for the presence of asbestos. Asbestos was within over 3000 building products, later known to have negative health concerns.  Some materials may include, but are not limited to; drywall/plaster, joint compound, floor tiles, pipe wrap on heating system, roofing and/or siding, insulation, concrete mortar, etc.

The Kelk Inspections Network can offer you various asbestos contractor options from qualified professionals to help provide a little more peace of mind.

A qualified professional can inspect for signs of visible mold and/or moisture intrusion and take air, swab or tape lift samples from within the home. Air and bulk samples are then analyzed by a 3rd party reliable laboratories. The laboratory report will generally identify the type of mold and the spores count detected as well as air any contaminants present. The concentration and the relationship between interior and exterior samples are used to determine if elevated levels of microbial growth exist within the home.

If mold remediation is recommended by your inspector, it may be costly and it is important that you have various remediation companies offer quotes.  Ensure that you are comparing apples to apples (make sure the scope of work is equal throughout your quotes).

The Kelk Inspections Network can offer you various mold & air quality inspector options from qualified professionals to help provide a little more peace of mind when buying, selling or living in your home.


The Kelk Inspections Network

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