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Kelk Inspections has been trusted and rated by our past clients among the top home inspection companies in Orangeville, Shelburne, Caledon, Erin and the surrounding areas, our services have made purchasing a home worry free and easier then ever since 2004.


Master Home Inspectors, WETT Wood-Burning Inspectors, Thermal Imaging, Mold Assessments & Indoor Air Quality


Master Inspectors with Designing, Building, Consulting, Inspecting & Assessment Expertise + 1000’s of inspections performed


Providing Home Inspecting, Consulting & Assessment Services Full-Time Since 2004


We Follow the Industry’s Most Stringent Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics


We are Highly Rated by Our Clients, Read Some of Our 100’s of Positive Reviews


Our Clients Continually Trust Us with their Largest Investments, Most of Our Work Comes From Past Client Referrals

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Standard Home Inspection

One-on-one experience with a friendly highly trained certified master home inspection consultant
Identification of material defects and safety concerns
Our unique, easy-to-understand report, which includes many colour photos and illustrations, defects, improvement recommendations and maintenance tips
Information specific to your home, up to 1600 items are inspected
Major systems inspected; Roofing, Structure, Exterior, Foundation, Electrical System, Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Plumbing System, Insulation and Ventilation, Interior, Windows and Doors, Fireplaces, moisture detection and much more!
A copy of our 96 page Home Inspection Reference Book

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Professional Home Inspection Services

Here’s a look at what we can do for you. Take a look, and if you don’t see an inspection type that fits your needs,

just send us a message for a custom inspection & quote!

Do you need a pre-purchase or buying home inspection?

Purchasing a home can be stressful, as is likely to be the largest expenditure you will make. Arranging for a Buyer Pre-Purchase Inspection from a friendly, certified master home inspector with a background in not only home inspections, but actual home building is the intelligent thing to do. Kelk is a full time residential inspection company that helps to provide a little peace of mind when making real estate purchases. At Kelk we specialize in defect recognition, and safety concerns.

An Inspection helps to reduce the risk of costly surprises, and will allow you to make an informed purchase decision. Your home inspector will not only inspect your new home, but educate you and teach you how to maintain it. We provide a fully customized, pictured filled, easy-to-read report with tons of useful information pertaining specifically to your home. By the end of you home inspection you will have the information and tools needed to make an informed real estate decision.

With an inspection from an experienced master inspector with 1000’s of inspections performed and a sterling reputation, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice hiring Kelk Inspections.  We never rush our inspections, we want you present for the inspection to learn and ask questions, we are not finished until you are completely satisfied.

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer, a WETT inspection is an inspection of a wood burning appliances such as a stove or a fireplace by a certified WETT inspector.  A WETT inspection can give you the peace of mind you need when buying or selling a home, living in a home, and can also be a requirement when securing insurance.

Why would I need a WETT inspection?

When your home has a wood burning appliance, the potential for harmful pollutants to be released into your home as well as combustible materials to ignite is increased, so it is important that these appliances are regularly inspected and properly maintained.  Level 1 site basic WETT inspections are also now being required as a part of the home insuring process. If purchasing an older home that includes any of these wood-burning appliances, a WETT inspection is an absolute necessity.

What is included in a WETT inspection?

A WETT inspection is an inspection that must be conducted by an inspector who is WETT certified, it includes an inspection of all the visible readily accessible elements of a wood burning appliance, to make sure that it has been installed correctly and is installed with compliance to building codes and regulations.

The inspection might include an examination of a wood stove, flue pipe, chimney, and wood-burning fireplace. An inspector should look at the positioning of the system, and its distance in relation to any combustible materials.

The bottom lines is that a WETT inspection is more than just something to offer you peace of mind, if wood-burning appliances are a part of your home’s features, it is of paramount importance that these appliances are both installed properly and inspected for your safety.

Do you need a Home Warranty Home Inspection?

Building your new home was a long process that has finally ended, you are about to or have just moved into your wonderful finished home, but you want to make sure that the home is up to standard, and that any building deficiencies or safety concerns will be corrected. Unfortunately, we tend to find even more issues in newly constructed homes then we do older houses. Arranging for a Warranty Home Inspection from a friendly, certified master home inspector with a background in building is the right choice.

Your home is under a Home warranty and any issues that are found can still be fixed. This way any issues can be resolved before they turn into larger problems down the road.

At Kelk we use only the newest technology on the market to offer the best inspection available. Kelk Inspectors are Certified Infrared Thermographers, allowing them to properly use specialized thermal imaging cameras, paired with calibrated moisture meters to produce thorough, quality inspections.

We provide a fully customized, pictured filled, easy-to-read report with tons of useful information pertaining specifically to your newly built home. You will have the information and tools needed to make/file your Home Warranty Claim Form and get the process of repairs started.

Do you need a listing or selling home inspection?

It is becoming more common for sellers to arrange for Pre-listing or Selling Home Inspection as a part of their listing marketing strategy; along with professional photographs, de-cluttering, home staging, virtual tours, and overall cleanliness. We complete an objective examination of your home, informing you know of any issues before it’s too late and a potential buyer finds them.

This way necessary repairs can be completed and/or competitive estimates can be gathered before the house is shown to potential buyers. With this strategy you are able to show buyers a house with less defects, reasonable repair quotes, or with an overall clean bill of health. Reducing the time on the market and helping to eliminate back and forth negotiations based upon buyer inspection findings. Arranging for a Seller Pre-Listing Inspection from a friendly, certified master home inspector and receive a great inspection with a fully customized, pictured filled, easy-to-read report with tons of useful information pertaining specifically to your home.

With a selling inspection from an experienced master inspector with 1000’s of inspections performed and a sterling reputation, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice hiring Kelk Inspections.  We never rush our inspections, we are not finished until you are completely satisfied.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting properties, or just want to ensure your present home or building does not have elevated levels of mold or toxic mold, we can provide the professional service you need.

Kelk considers matters of Health, Safety, the Environment and Air Quality as being among the most important aspects of an inspection. This is why we offer a variety of services with your family in mind.

These days’ houses and building are much more sealed then they used to be, and people are spending approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. The health risks may be greater due to exposure to indoor air pollution.

Are there ongoing health issues within your family?

Does your family feel sluggish and symptoms appear heightened the more time they spend indoors? Has your home ever been used as a grow op? Is your mortgage lender looking for professional air quality testing?

Our IAC2 Certified team of air quality testing and moisture intrusion specialists and consultants has the knowledge and experience needed to uncover hidden contaminants and make the recommendations needed to restore your environment back to a safe and healthy space.

Let Kelk Inspections provide you with the inspection, testing and consulting that you need to restore you indoor home comfort. Our indoor mold inspection is more then just an inspection; it is a full mold assessment, giving you results plus professional interpretation.

We will perform a complete indoor mold assessment of the residences problem areas and test the air in your home for Microbial Growth or MOLD, our indoor air quality testing services work to uncover potentially health hazardous airborne contaminants within your home to help keep you safe, and breath cleaner air. We provide industry leading assessment reports that outline the laboratory results paired with our detailed inspection.

We inspected the residence for signs of visible mold and/or moisture intrusion and take air samples and/or swab or tape lift from the home. Air and bulk samples are then analyzed by a 3rd party reliable laboratory. The laboratory report will identify the type of mold and the spores count detected, as well as air any contaminants present. The concentration and the relationship between interior and exterior samples are used to determine if elevated levels of microbial growth exist within the home.

You can trust that Kelk’s Certified Inspectors will give you unbiased results, as we only offer Assessment, Inspection, Sampling, Reporting and Consulting Services, we do not preform any construction or remediation work.

We use the latest technology to take indoor air samples and measure temperature and humidity levels within the home to ensure optimal home comfort while minimizing contaminant growth. We are your residential indoor air quality experts.

Having your indoor air quality tested is the first step in your relationship with the professionals at Kelk Inspections. After you have received your air quality results, you are encouraged to call or email us with questions or concerns.

If mold remediation is needed, it can be very costly, it is important that you have multiple specialized companies offer you quotes in writing, and that you are comparing apples to apples (make sure the scope of work is equal throughout). It is not recommended that remediation companies preform their own air sampling (even if they do have outstanding reviews).

The homeowner and the homeowner only should choose the company to preform the air sampling

Are you concerned about the potential of asbestos in building products or the insulation of your home?

If you are planning on doing renovations to you home or disturbing materials within, and it was build prior to 1980 or even with in a few years of that, it is a good idea to have building materials that you will be disturbing tested for the presence of asbestos. Asbestos was a great product and was in over 3000 building products, although unfortunately later we learned of the negative health concerns.  Some materials may include, but are not limited to; drywall/plaster, joint compound, floor tiles, pipe wrap on heating system, roofing and/or siding, insulation, concrete mortar, etc. This way you will know what you can and cannot disturb.

Vermiculite insulation

Vermiculite insulation was commonly used in attic spaces, crawlspaces, walls, fireplaces, etc.  it can be sampled and tested for the presence of asbestos; three samples will be take from different locations in the attic (or concern area) to give an accurate representation of the material.  Vermiculite insulation MUST be analyzed using the TEM “Transmission Electron Microscopy” method, any other method may return a false negative.

If you have previously purchased a home and been presented with a laboratory report stating that your vermiculite insulation tested ‘negative’ for the presence of asbestos, or have had it tested yourself by a professional…refer to the laboratory report, many laboratories will use the testing method they are asked to use (*and include a disclaimer stating that the method used may not have been the most accurate, also many laboratories will also remove this disclaimer if asked by the client), and in many cases inspectors only get the basic and cheap test and not the TEM test.  If your laboratory test result for vermiculite insulation does not say that the method of analyzation as the TEM method, you should consult the laboratory and re-test before disturbing the insulation, as you may be at risk.

Plan to renovate?

Identify materials that you plan to disturb or remove during renovation process, we will sample and have testing performed on those materials the samples are examined for asbestos by a 3rd party reliable laboratory.

Asbestos Air Sampling

We can perform sampling of the air within your home to determine if asbestos particles exist. Clients usually choose this option if they have distured building materials in the home, have vermiculite insulation that has or may have been disturbed, or after asbestos remediation has been performed as a clearance test to ensure that not asbestos exists in the air.

**Our prices reflect the testing that we perform, we avoid tests with disclaimers that note a negative result, but that testing was not conclusive.

We Have Many Types Of Inspection Services

Contact us for more information about any of our services

Pre-Purchase or Buying Home Inspection
Listing or Selling Home Inspection
WETT Wood Burning Appliance Inspection
Home Warranty 30-Day or 1 year Warranty Inspections
Mold & Indoor Air Quality Testing/Sampling
Asbestos Sampling/Testing

Home Inspection Packages & Services

Here’s a look at what we can do for you. Just take a look, and if you don’t see a package that fits your needs, just send us a message for a custom quote!

Prices listed do not include HST

Standard Home Inspection
/ up to 2500 sq.ft
  • Full Home Inspection
  • Up to 1600 Items Inspected
  • Easy-To-Understand Report
  • Same Day Electronic Report
  • 96 Page Reference Book
  • Emergency Shut-off Tags
  • Thermal Imaging Scan
Home Inspection additional costs

Size of house (above ground)

  • 0 sq.ft. – 2500 sq.ft….$450
  • 2500 sq.ft. – 3000 sq.ft….$500
  • 3000 sq.ft. – 3500 sq.ft….$550
  • Above 3500 sq.ft. call or email for pricing

 Additional Addons

  • Pre 1950 build add $50
  • WETT wood burning inspection add $175
  • Additional in-law kitchen add $25
  • Multi-family duplex style add $100
  • Multi-plex call or email for pricing

 Detached Garage(s) (attached is included)

  • Detached Garage add $50
  • w/ hydro add $25
  • w/ heating system add $25
  • w/ plumbing add $50
  • w/ apartment call or email for pricing
WETT Inspection of Wood Burning Appliance
/ Wood Burning Appliance
  • Level 1 Site Basic Inspection
  • Detailed WETT Format Report
  • $175 with Home Inspection (each)

We Are A Leader In The Home Inspection Industry.

Your Friendly Master Inspector

Stephen Kelk, the founder and lead inspector at Kelk Inspections, is a Certified Master Inspector. Utilizing his 13 + years of experience in home construction and design, he has established a company that delivers the best Home Inspection Service available in Orangeville, Shelburne, Erin, Caledon, Bolton, Guelph and your area.

Stephen Kelk
Certified Master Inspector | CMI | CPI | IAC2 | WETT

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